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When you fuck up and you can't take it back, when you make a horrible mistake but you can't go back and change it. With a time machine you go back in time and fix your mistakes. You can take back things you said or did that have created problems in your future or present time. You can travel back in time and change something you did that affects your future a lot. Without a time machine your just screwed over and stuck. There nothing you can do but suffer and hope everything will work out.
1.)When your "with" a guy but not technicaly dating yet and he ends up fucking with your feelings and screwing you over.telling you he likes you so much but can't go out with you but goes out with another girl the next week. lieing to you and making you cry. dreading every minute you wasted with him.wanting to die rather than hear him talk about this new grilfriend or see them together. with a time machine,you can go back in time and advoid meeting him and having feelings for him.
by Taylahhh August 11, 2007

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