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A pretty way of spelling a name that can be given to either girl or boy, this spelling is generally used for girls.....
"Her name is Jaimee?" (i don't know, you think of a better example!)
by Tayla Hutchinson August 01, 2007
A very pretty girl's name, like the flower but even prettier. Usually signals a light witch bent on stopping her crazed sister taking over the world! ;)
"Serenity, please stop this!" cried Asaelia.
by Tayla Hutchinson August 01, 2007
A pretty girls name. Usually given to Dark Witches bent on destroying the world. ;)
"What happened, Serenity? Why are you doing this?"
"You happened! I don't appreciate being controlled, I'm not a chess piece and I'm certainly not a part of your little game, headmaster!" Serenity spat, hatred rising up in her body.
(Snippet from a fanfiction story called "The Witching Hour")
by Tayla Hutchinson August 01, 2007
A girl named after an insane monkey with a purple mohawk who craves red bulls and sugar.
"'sigh' What am i going to do with you?"
by Tayla Hutchinson August 01, 2007
A name that is given to a boy who hates being called a weasel (even though he IS one!) and usually hates anyone by the name of tayla...."whistles while avopiding eye contact"
"Hello Wim! (william)"
"That's right, and you're a weasel!"
(a conversation we once had...)
by Tayla Hutchinson August 01, 2007

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