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when a guy is eating out a girl when she is having her period]
Its going to be different tonight baby, (its that time of the month again) its gunna be a strawberry kiss
by Tayla November 16, 2005
The once gorgeous singer of Guns & Roses. Oh God he was so f**king sexy back in the day! Stephanie Semour sure was lucky! But I rekon she was too dumb to realise that. Didn't they look cute in the November Rain filmclip?
Axl Rose WAS a f**king legend! Well, he still is now, he just needs to get rid of those disgusting braids damnit!
by Tayla July 04, 2004
Whiny boy band who label themselves "punk". WTF? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are more "punk" than them, and RHCP aren't even punk! Geez!

And all my friends rekon the lead singers hot! Grossout! Axl Rose looks like a Calvin Klien model next to him!
80's Metal/heavy metal beats simple plan's ass!
by Tayla August 14, 2004
Made some mistakes with this war...but he has experienced more events than any other president....
9/11,Sadaam and his regime,and many disasters and war.
if bush is such a bad president...WHY WAS HE REELECTED?!

and didnt he go to Yale?..hmm but remember dubya bush reads books upside down so i guess he didnt go to yale huh!
by Tayla January 04, 2005

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