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The most amazing rock band ever, in mine and MANY others opinions, who originate from Nashville, TN and consists from 2010 of Hayley Williams (Main Vocalist and sometimes pianist), Taylor York (lead and rhythm guitar) and Jeremy Davis (Bass guitar.) Jason Bynum, Hunter Lamb, John Hembree and most notably Josh and Zac Farro before their departure in late 2010 are all former members of the band. Paramore are creators of many beautifully penned songs with original lyrics which will stun you out of this world when you hear it. Haters of the band tend to be jealous fucks who listen to artists such as Ke$ha, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who coincidentally are some prime examples of auto-tuned "robots" who continue to make music despite the fact that they can't sing without major editing, whereas bands like Paramore only need very little.
Guy 1 "What is your favorite artist?"
Guy 2 "Paramore, you?"
Guy 1 "Wow, same - I find their music ama-zing!"
Guy 2 "Who wouldn't!"
by Tay Scott July 21, 2011

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