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Eigth Studio Album by The Who released August 18,1978.
Who Are You:
1."New Song" (Townshend) – 4:13
2."Had Enough" (Entwistle) – 4:27
3."905" (Entwistle) – 4:02
4."Sister Disco" (Townshend) – 4:22
5."Music Must Change" (Townshend) – 4:38
6."Trick Of The Light" (Entwistle) – 4:45
7."Guitar And Pen" (Townshend) – 5:56
8."Love Is Coming Down" (Townshend) – 4:04
9."Who Are You" (Townshend) – 6:16
by Taxman September 17, 2006
Third and final compilations album by The Who released September 28, 1974.Comprised of more rarities and b-sides.
Odds and Sods:
1."Postcard (song)" (Entwistle) – 3:27
2."Now I'm a Farmer" – 3:59
3."Put the Money Down" – 4:14
4."Little Billy" – 2:15
5."Too Much of Anything" – 4:26
6."Glow Girl" – 2:20
7."Pure and Easy" – 5:23
8."Faith In Something Bigger" – 3:03
9."I'm the Face" (Meaden) – 2:32
10."Naked Eye" – 5:10
11."Long Live Rock" – 3:54
by Taxman September 17, 2006
Second Compilation album by The Who released October 30,1971.Contained of some thier best hits as well as more rarities and b-sides.
Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncey
1."I Can't Explain" – 2:05
2."The Kids Are Alright" – 2:45
3."Happy Jack" – 2:12
4."I Can See For Miles" – 4:06
5."Pictures of Lily" – 2:43
6."My Generation" – 3:18
7."The Seeker" – 3:11
8."Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" (Daltrey-Townshend) – 2:42
9."Pinball Wizard" – 2:59
10."A Legal Matter" – 2:48
11."Boris the Spider" (Entwistle) – 2:28
12."Magic Bus" – 3:21
13."Substitute" – 3:49
14."I'm a Boy" (alternate version) – 3:41
by Taxman September 17, 2006
First off the following definition is not to be taken to heart and if any Christians are offended by this definition.I am sorry you were/still are offended.

"The God Talk is when a famous celebrity/actor/actress/musician is nominated for an award at a fancy awards show like the Grammy awards and after the Nominees are selected and the famous person won the award they were nominated for goes up,usually with tears in thier eyes,saying how "Amazing it was to win ______ award.Then proceed that they thank God first of all.Even though it lasts a few seconds they only do it so they can win the hearts of Catholics and Protestants everywhere, despite them not even being honest.In other words to be a complete phoney."
Paris Hilton:I so wanna thank God for my debut album for being such a horrible flop yet getting #2 in the Hot 100!M'kay!

"Paris Hilton just performed The God Speech which last 6 seconds.She then starts to thank her family members for the next 6 hours as well all of the precious business people who,without of their help, would not have made this wh**e more apperaling to demented young women and men with no morals"
by Taxman September 01, 2006
A decade from January 1960 to December 31 1969.According to Ken Brockman from the Simpsons, "What a pointless decade".
In the 1960's:

1.Beach Boys rise and make surf and pop/rock music
2.Beatles rose and made rock in 1964
3.Rolling Stones rose and made rock n roll as the original bad boys
4.The Who rose and turned rock into trashing hotel rooms, smashing instruments after ever gig and playing loud and being badass
5.Hippie Culture arose
6.Led Zeppelin appeared and soon became Godly
7.Richard Nixon becomes president
8.Neil Armstrong lands on the moon
9.Heavy Metal forms with Black Sabbath
10.JFK gets assinated
11.Vietnam war breaks out
12.Unprotected sex comes along
13.Kimi Hendrix
14.Invention of colour tv
by Taxman July 31, 2006
A functioning unit comprised of:
Roger Daltry-Vocals
Pete Townshend-Guitar, Songwriter
John Entwistle-Bass
Keith Moon-Drums

The Who set the trend for many things in rock such as:
-trashing hotel rooms
-smashing instruments aka auto-destructive art
-playing as loud as possible live

They also have many, may good songs:
-Who are you
-Won't Get Fooled Again
-My Generation
-I Can't Explain
-The Kids Are Alright
-Love, Reign O'er Me
-I Can See For Miles
-Pinball Wizard
-Behind Blues Eyes
-The Seeker
-Baba O'Riley

They have ten studio albums:
1.My Generation-1965
2.A Quick One-1966
3.The Who Sell Out-1967
4.Tommy the Rock Opera-1969
5.Who's Next-1971
6.Quadrophenia the Rock Opera-1973
7.The Who by Numbers-1975
8.Who Are You-1978
9.Face Dances
10.It's Hard

After the Album Who Are You, Keith Moon died from an accidental drug overdose to help him with his alcoholic addiction.The Who went on to produce two more albums before calling it a day.In 1985 they performed at Live Aid then went back into obscurity.In 2002 before the Who were to go on thier first world tour for over twenty years John Entwistle died of a heart attack but the Who went on anyway.As of now they doing their last world tour and are releasing their 11th and last album October 23, 2006.

Thier current line-up is:
Roger Daltry-Vocals
Pete Townshend-Guitar, Songwriter
Pino Palladino-Bass
Zack Starky-Drums

Thier best compilations album is The Who:Then and Now and thier greatest live album is Live At Leeds.
To find out more about The Who visit wikipedia.org or go see on of their concerts on tape to see how the greatest live band functioned.
by Taxman July 29, 2006
A decade believed to range from January 1 1940 to December 31 1949 according to some scientist.
In the 1940's World War II ended, Swing music became popular, the obesity rate increased greatly and the USSR rose to power.
by Taxman July 29, 2006

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