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The best card game in the star wars galaxy.

Also, the loophole on the back of one's jacket, into which one of the cards can be tucked.
My dad's coat had a real knack for being an excellent pazaak holder.
by Tavi December 05, 2003
an even that is ironic or stupid... similar to the word "debaris," except "stucas" is an adjective.
What a stucas person the King of Debarises can be.
by Tavi December 05, 2003
Intestinal gas that develops due to the consumption of Mcphilly cheese steaks.
Mcdonald's Mcphilly Cheese steak gave me Mcphillygas.
by Tavi December 05, 2003
A long, disgusting slurping noise that sounds like someones slurping from a straw.
Kebus Leavis is stucas.
by Tavi December 05, 2003
A supernatural occurence in which a yoyo emerges from one's rear end.
A fraz bean exited by buttocks.
by Tavi December 05, 2003
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