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1. German word for "above" or "over". Although frequently seen spelled as uber, the correct spelling "über".

2. More modernly this word has become mainstream in American pop culture as an adjective to add emphasis to the impressiveness of something.

2. über-cool, über-babe, über-hot, etc.

i.e.: Heide Klum is an über-babe.
by TattooedGoodGirl June 09, 2006
Writer, Director, and Producer. Cameron Crowe is best known for his ability to tie his cult-classics with Rock'n'Roll soundtracks.

His films include but are not limited to:

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982), Say Anything (1989), Singles (1992), Jerry Maguire (1996), Almost Famous (2000), and Vanilla Sky (2001).
Cameron Crowe has managed to make films that reflect the emotions, views, struggles, victories, quirks, and lives of generations for many years.
by TattooedGoodGirl June 09, 2006

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