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Drunken Sluts Anonymous
A group similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous, see aa. Where men and women talk about who they have had sex with while being drunk on top of that. This group usually consists of one night stands and not remebering the guy/girl next to them in the bed the next morning. The group instills manners for that person that just left the apartment, guys pay the cab fare, and ladies don't make a scene etc.
Motto: If I don't remember it, then it didn't happen.

"I had to much to drink one night and don't remember a damn thing,except in the moring there was a strange man in my bed. I didn't remember sleeping with him but it was clear it happened. That is why I joined the DSA."
by Tatiana April 10, 2005
a penis as wide as is is long
the man whipped out his 10 inch chode and the woman fainted at the sight.
by tatiana May 18, 2004
To cut something/someone.
"That girl is talkin' junk...she bout to get "swiss cheesed up."
by Tatiana November 23, 2003
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