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A word combining the similar words "Severe," and "Serious." Invented by the same losers without lives as "Dafts", and can be used in any context that "Severe" or "Serious" would also be used.
The woman sat there in the E.R. with her eyes staring downwards at the tiles, daring not to think of the approaching doom her husband surely awaited. Nonetheless, the doctor came from the backroom and approached her. The doctor spoke with an almost angry tone, assumedly shunning his own shortcomings. The doctor spoke now:

"Ma'am," he said with regret, "I'm sorry to inform you that your husband has a very... severious condition."
by Tater Tot Wojkowski December 11, 2006
A way to write mmorpg as if it were being sounded-out while written.
I have a clan in this mumorpig I play, want to join?
My computer is too slow to run this mumorpig.
by Tater Tot Wojkowski November 09, 2006
The REAL way to spell lollocaust. A way of combining lawl with a tragic, tragic event where several thousand Jewish people died.
"My grandfather died in the Lawlocaust."
"My teacher says the Lawlocaust never happened."
by Tater Tot Wojkowski November 10, 2006
When someone attempts to say, "Yeah, but (...)" etc, it will sound as though the two words are often combined into one, as if it were a small woodland animal. Hence, you obtain "Yeahbut". It is even more so funny when they say "fucking" afterwards, making it sound as though they plan on having intercourse with a small woodland animal.
"Yeah, but I disagree."
"Yeah, but fucking, I was totally not going to go."
"Yeah, but you forgot to include me."
"Yeahbut fucking is strictly NOT allowed in most states."
by Tater Tot Wojkowski November 11, 2006
British term for a cigarette.
(Example compliments of Clerks, The Animated Series)
British Man: "Pack of fags?"
Randle: "I'm not a fag."
British Man: "It's a cigarette, mate."
Randle: "I'm not your mate, you fag."
by Tater Tot Wojkowski April 14, 2007
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