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1.) A result of trading their lives for Apple products

2.) A group of software applications for the Mac OS X. Contains iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb.
Person #1: what happen to Smith?
Person #2: he just got an iLife and is helplessly devoted to Apple products.

2.)The name iLife is very ridiculous. When I first saw it, I thought "Oh you are fucking kidding me?!"
by Tasty Butter November 24, 2007
A marketing method made by the WWE that took two months to indicate the return of Chris "Y2J" Jericho. It took as a form of a video that contain the code (SAVE_US.222), with clues that would've been missed at the blink of an eye. But internet wrestling fans knew it was Jericho from the start.

Where did the words "Save Us" came from? It was based from a promo by Jericho ("Chris Jericho has come to save the WWF!") at his WWF/E debut. In SAVE_US.222, Jericho is "saving" us from Randy Orton.

The code than evolved to SAVE_US.X29 than to SAVE_US.Y2J at Raw, the day after Survivor Series 2007.

SAVE_US.222 was a great promo for Jericho. Now if the WWE can make their product better after this.
SAVE_US.222 ----> SAVE_US.X29 ----> SAVE_US.Y2J

by Tasty Butter November 23, 2007
One of the two sucessors (the other is Firefox) of the defunct Mozilla Application Suite.
Seamonkey is very similar to Mozilla.
by Tasty Butter November 24, 2007
An instructional book from the ...for Dummies series of books that tells people how to use the internet. And the book knows that Internet Explorer and Outlook Express are very bad to use.
Internet for Dummies go through change over the years. It's main competition is The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet.
by Tasty Butter November 24, 2007
Stanley Cup finalists in the 2006 playoffs, failures in the next season. It's the early 1990s all over again. It must be right time to fire the head coach MacTavish and the GM Lowe now.
After they traded Chris Pronger to the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks in the off-season and Ryan Smyth to the NY Islanders in the NHL 2006/07 season trade deadline. The Edmonton Oilers were are in a slump while the Ducks (the team the Oilers eliminated in the 2006 playoffs Western Conference finals) went straight to the Cup.

It's a sad time to be an Oilers fan.
by Tasty Butter November 23, 2007
Does and doesn't exist.

1.)It does because people who wants an iPod would drool over someone elses iPod, not knowing that there are better mp3 player out there in this world.

2.)Doesn't exist beacuse people who are smart would know that there are other mp3 players that are cheaper and better than an iPod/Nano. See bullshit
Some Person: *drrols over someone's iPod*
Me: There are better and cheaper players out there you know.

Girl: iPods suck!
Boy: Shut the fuck up. You have iPod Envy
Me: No, you shut the fuck up you iSheep. Realize that there are other mp3 players out there which are better than your iPod.
Boy: OK
Me: Uggggh, iSheep....
by Tasty Butter November 24, 2007

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