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3 definitions by TastesLikeDeadBaby

When a womans inner vaginal lips grow to preposterous size, their weight causes them to hang down and "flap" around.
Grandma's so old gravity has given here a case of Flappy Cooter
by TastesLikeDeadBaby November 26, 2003
This is a bedroom move. Two in the goo, one in the poo. AKA The Stinger, The Equalizer, The Southbound Surprise.
Tonight, When your parents leave I'm comin' over and givin your sister "the shocker"
by TastesLikeDeadBaby June 08, 2005
When your undercarriage gets sweaty from running or whatver activity. AKA Sweaty Nutz, swamp ass.
No running for me today, It gives me a terrible case of the wonky britches.
by TastesLikeDeadBaby June 07, 2005