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3 definitions by Taslan

STFU Chips (Shut-The-Fuck-Up) Chips, Noun
Definition: STFU Chips are a legendary chip brand, that is given to someone who talks way to much at the most inapproiate times. You give them a bag of STFU Chips, so they "Shut the fuck up" by eating them.
"So like I was saying, I had this really great time a-" Bill said, but was interrupted by Murray

"Heres some STFU Chips, now leave me alone." He said, as Murray gave him a bag of STFU Chips
by Taslan August 01, 2005
Homey G Skillet
Homey G Skillet refers to THE best friend that you have, as you use "Homey" (friend) "G" (gangsta, someone you are related to in a "gang") and Skillet (A very close friend) in the same sentence.
"Hey Homey G Skillet, whaz up on da east side?"
by Taslan June 06, 2005
Homey G Skillet Dwag
Where as Homey G Skillet was the Penultimate in calling someone your friend, Homey G Skillet Dwag would be the ultimate. As it contains Homey (your friend) G (Gangsta, refering to you as in the same Gang), Skillet (A very close friend), and Dwag (one who you consider your partner), this is supposed to be the highest compliment you can give someone. Even if drasticaly oudated.
"Hey Homey G Skillet Dwag, what be going on, yo!"
by Taslan June 06, 2005