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5 definitions by Tarzan

Just before a dog cums the centre of it's penile shaft expands out. So the cum doesn't leak out.
Women into bestiality take great pride in being able to take the knot.
by tarzan August 02, 2003
491 170
Dalawang bolang sa ilalim ng titi tinutubuan ng buhok.

Two balls under the cock where hairs grow.
Ang bayag ni Jepjep ay may malagong buhok.
by Tarzan December 26, 2003
55 15
A sex game. great at parties.

Wat u need:
1 mars bar(fun size will do) sum girls, sum guys.

Wat u do:
Get da mars bar and put it up da girls pussy and then da bloke has to eat the mars bar without using his hands (tung and teeth only). u hav 2 figure out ur own way 2 choose whose turn it is.

Fucking Awesome. play it
Lets play the mars bar game. (say it wen there are fit girls @ a party)
by tarzan February 24, 2004
34 26
Phrase denoting a sensation of extreme exhileration or anticipation of success. Often used when one is in the zone. Occurs all the time with Mayo and Tarzan.
When you're with Mayo and Tarzan, it's ALWAYS awesome time!!!
by Tarzan February 15, 2004
5 5
The worse type of crotch rot. Usually affecting those with jungle booty and/or black tar crud. Sleeps around with anything.
by Tarzan July 26, 2003
13 22