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someone who is completely obsessed with midgets/ people of a short stature (medically speaking of 127cm or less in height). People with this condition can't control themselves when they see 'little people', much to the embarrassment of those around them.
I was walking through the shops the other day with Anne-Maree, when she started whispering excitedly "look a midget, a midget, IT'S A MIDGET!!!!!"!! She's such a midgaphaeliac - totally obsessed. It's so embarrassing.
#little people #obsessions #midget #dwarf #vertically challenged
by Taryn Gerie January 11, 2008
derived from poo head - one who is a shit head ie: poombah
Are you serious, do you really think that's a good idea??? You're such a stinking poombah!
#poomba #poo head #idiot #shit brick #poo ba
by Taryn Gerie January 11, 2008
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