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5 definitions by TartanMarine

Taking superficial, PR actions to make your company or organization appealing to people concerned about the environment.
BP's greenwashing campaign to appeal to the climate change crowd has caught up with them.
by TartanMarine June 23, 2010
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PCA (Politically Correct Asshole). People in authority who carry rules on political correctness to absurd lengths.
Did you see that some PCAs in Rhode Island banned a kid's hat honoring the troops because the toy soldiers on it had guns?
by TartanMarine June 18, 2010
12 7
When someone gives you a hassle because they are supposed to, not because they mean it.
I'm surprised your wife let you play golf today? She gave me some obligatory crap, but she wanted to go shopping anyway.
by TartanMarine June 18, 2010
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n. unreasonable fear of, or gender-based animus or bias towards men.
The media today drip testosterphobia.
by TartanMarine May 08, 2010
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When consumers or taxpayers are bilked out of money by people supposedly fighting global warming or protecting the environment.
“Boy, that carbon offset scheme cost millions. We got a real Warming Goring.”
by TartanMarine June 03, 2010
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