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2 definitions by Tarok, son of Mohg

Adjective or interjection. A bro word used in place of cool. Indicates acceptance, acknowledgement, or approval. Always used in a low and unexcited tone of voice.
Bro 1: Hey bra, there a beer pong tournament tonight?
Bro 2: Fuck yeah bra, 11:00. It'll be tongs.
Bro 1: Tongs bra.
by Tarok, son of Mohg October 11, 2011
A phrase synonymous with masturbation, with the implication being that, whenever one is not playing videogames, one is masturbating.
1. Last night, I was not playing videogames. 2. I didn't play videogames for 5 minutes.
by Tarok, son of Mohg October 10, 2011