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1. Slang for a bag of fertilizer.
2. Large package of defecation.
3. Something you could call some one else.
4. A feeling several get when you watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one setting.
1. (Girl #1) I just bought fertilizer for my garden.

(Girl #2) Duuude. You just bought a big bag of feces!

2. Some one left a big bag of feces in my suitcase!

3. (Girl #1) So how does this dress make me look?

(Boy #1) Like a big bag of feces!

4. (Boy #1) Dude. I just watched the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy. Is it weird that i feel like a big bag of feces?

(Boy #2) No not at all.
by TargetLady69 November 02, 2009

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