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The act of stealing one's bra.
X: "I heard you got with that girl last night - did you snag her bra?"

Y: "Yeah, she was looking for it, but I totally committed BRABBERY!"
by Tarantella June 10, 2013
Noun, plural

When money is exchanged for the handling of, viewing of, or using of the mouth on breasts, the involved pair of breasts are known as "prostititties". An active prostitute's breasts are also known as "prostititties".
I could only get prostititties off of that girl last night. (because the person had to pay to get boob)

Those look like prostititties to me. (because the woman appears to be a prostitute, and her breasts are probably visible)
by Tarantella May 15, 2013
The condition of being satisfied while achieving gratification (a gratuitous expression, since gratification already implies satisfaction - also an example of palinpropism).
Spending time with my cat gives me satification.
by Tarantella March 02, 2013
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