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A band of three brothers that love what they do.
Sure, they could be a lot better- but they aren't half as bad as all of the fake rappers out these days...Not all teen girls have to obsess over them.

Justin Bieber attracts people because of his looks, his voice is autotuned, and hes only popular because people want to rape his soul, but the Jonas Brothers- well...Nick Jonas is very talented, his brothers are hardly talented but Nick has enough to go around. Their songs talk about diferent things...not just girls and not SEX like most rappers and "rockstars" So enough bashing them, and if you hate them so much why do you listen to them? Or bash them on sites like these?
Girl: *listening to A Little Bit Longer by the Jonas Brothers* So what do you think?
Boy: He screeches a lot...but the song is good.
Girl: See you're a true man. Thanks for respecting my music <3
by TaraCapri November 08, 2011

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