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An erudite individual or sage.
When George Bush and John Kerry debated, they tried to sound artdaxly to gain audience approval and ultimately to gain votes.
by Tara S. Volta September 27, 2005
A unique language in which the speaker or writer tries to substitute more sophisticated words in place of simpler English words resulting in a sentence that only the speaker or writer understands.
Pinoybonics: Ricky said, not only because the shop is owned by a fellow Filipino but the manner by which it quickly absolved itself from being blamed. The car was found days later by the police stripped to the bare.

This is what it means: Ricky said the shop denied responsibility. The police found the car days later stripped bare.

Pinoybonics: Would have the shop given my friend a swift disavowal if he weren’t Filipino? Without a blink, the response would be a big no. Maybe I’m naïve but I believe that even among ourselves we discriminate. Stories like my friend’s continue to abound in our midst. It becomes more disheartening if the pain came from a Filipino business you would normally trust.

This is what it means: My friend was treated differently because he is a Filipino. We discriminate amongst ourselves. My friend's story is common. It just makes it much worse if the discrimination is practiced by a countryman whom you would normally trust.

Pinoybonics: Rillera said most often, we are told to patronize our own products and the businesses of our countrymen. Yet when things go wrong, we are shoved away to silence and treated differently as if we were a trouble maker. Isn’t this an oxymoron like when someone says working vacation?

Meaning: Sorry I don't know what it means.

by Tara S. Volta September 16, 2005
In ebonics it means "car" or any other type of "vehicle".
That pimp Leroy has a new machine.

The narcs confiscated my machine after they found a pound of coke.
by Tara S. Volta September 21, 2005

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