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A young, over-sexed Mexican American who lives in an urban area.
"Yeah, we were at this latin club, and all night we were being stalked by this nasty metrosexican dude who had on waaaay too much cologne.
by Tara Rios November 21, 2005
Another ridiculous, made-up, bullshit media label, which basically states that consumers believe the more they spend, the greater their contribution to the Earth -- and to their sense of inner peace.

Shopping as religion.

Consumer practice as a mainstreaming of Eastern religious values into an easily digestible, buyable form, rather like shopping your way to salvation.
"Phish heads who had to grow up and got stuck chained to a desk job became metrospiritual and reconnect with gayness via hybrid cars and tofurky brown bag lunches."
by Tara Rios November 22, 2005

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