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What is a B I T C H..........
B= beatiful
I= individual
T= that
C= causes
H= hardons
by Tara March 18, 2005
The hiring process which certain people have to obtain employment at certain agencies. This connection is usually to management or board members who want to hire their friends instead of promoting their current employees that are over qualified and well-deserved.
Once again the new hire has a "fair connection", thusly they got the open position. FUCKING SUCKS!!!
by Tara April 21, 2005
A Vermon who seduces painted plywood cows, known as Plycows, to come graze in his front yard.
Look at the lovely Plycows in the Cow Whisperer's front yard.
by Tara March 29, 2005
The best guy I have ever met in my entire life, the guy I gave my heart too and the guy that means everything to me. The guy that I would do anything for and the guy that I never want to lose.

See: amazing, incredible, & breath taking
Whos the most amazing guy ever?
by Tara February 07, 2005
adjective, short for tricked out. like when something of material value is extraordinary or above average/superior in quality.
Kenny's ride is trick.
by Tara January 05, 2005
When a person has been baffled by a sudden outburst of intellectual speech.
Someone mentions that they like piercings, and suddenly someone begins to speak of the origins as such being from the Myans and the Inkas as offerings to their gods.
by Tara May 26, 2004
A person who's body is in the shape of the child toy "Weebles". They are round all over and if you were to push The Weeble over it would spring back up because everyone knows Weebles "teeter and totter but they don't fall down".
My stinky-ass FORMER roommate Laura, aka the Midget, is the human Weeble.
by Tara May 17, 2005
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