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A ghost that is retarded. You know how when you have a ghost but it doesn't scare you, that ghost is surely retarded.
Holy shit mike, did you just hear that non-threatening sound?, I bet it is your ghost retard trying to scare us again.
by Tar-Baby January 14, 2010
Someone who is gnar. Someone that is such a good skateboarder that they are gnarly.....and also a beagle.
T.J., Mike, Spencer

Yeah! Gnar Beagles! You landed that three flip like a fucking gnar beagle!
by Tar-Baby January 14, 2010
An infant or small child that was birthed from his mother's ass instead of the vagina. Usually very emotional and hard to entertain. They maintain a general smell to them as well, as if they never bathe.
Holy shit spencer, I can smell your ass child from the drive-way.
I hope I never have to raise any ass children of my own.
by Tar-Baby January 14, 2010
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