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Hapology is a half-hearted apology.

It represents an apology which doesn't mean much. Like saying 'sorry' when you don't mean it.

For example, you've just had a round of beer with your friends and when you reach home your wife vents her fury on you! She is almost about to hit you with your baseball bat when you say sorry to avoid physical damage.

That is a hapology.
I had to tender an hapology for hitting that fat lady, but really, give me a chance and I'll do that again.
by Tantanoo November 04, 2009
A g00k(unlike its racial counterpart Gook) is a term for a n00b trying desperately to become a Geek.

It is thus the transitional stage of geekiness - from the technologically novice(or n00b) to the obsessed-with-technology fellow(or geek)
Anthony is such a g00k but he is trying real hard! Its getting harder pwning him!
by Tantanoo November 01, 2009
Tweeting My Ass Off - Tweeting on Twitter like there is no tomorrow.

TMAO indicates that you are unstoppable on twitter, so much so that people think you are a bot. You reach the API limit every other hour.

You really Tweet your ass off! I am so TMAO!!
Hahaha.. Twitter sucks! TMAO!!!

Guys check out this video I made - link - its hilarious!!! TMAO!!
by tantanoo October 14, 2009
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