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Post Convention Depression

It's the feeling of missing your friends and the fun you had in the convention you just went to and got home from. It's actually a common feeling from con-goers. (Like me ^^) It usually passes though in 1-4 days.
Friend: He's having PCD right now after that awesome convention at Pittsburgh.

Me: Awwr =/ i knows how that feels.
by Tanor Faux November 22, 2010
A phrase that Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog uses to belittle him after he does something stupid in Eustace's eyes.

He usually takes out the infamous tiki mask or another trick to frighten the hell out of Courage to bully and to laugh at him, and Muriel slaps or smacks Eustace with the infamous rolling pin or another object to punish him for scaring Courage.
Eustace: Stupid dog! (takes out a green tiki mask) Booga!!! Booga!!! Booga!!!

Courage: AHHHHH! *runs off*

Muriel: Eustace! *smacks Eustace with a rolling pin*

Eustace: OW!! What'd I do?

Courage: (sighs after he stops and talks to the audience) I deal with this every day! But at least Muriel smacks him with something...
by Tanor Faux December 02, 2010
This means Electric Execution, Electrocuting Execution or Electrocuted Execution, which means an execution by use of electricity, electromagnetic weapons, or lightning. It's usually done by electricity of high voltage so there's very little pain involved, since the receiver dies quickly from this depending on which method is used to do this legal action.

This method can originate to the mythological god of thunder, Thor, as long as he is called to do this legal action at the time. This is barely used nowadays, but it has been done.

Usually is done by either electricity itself or an electromagnetic weapon, but if used by lightning the receiver is usually brought somewhere where it hits like a lightning rod, or another electrical source to draw the lightning towards it. Lightning is the most rare use of this method. Despite this method being used very rarely anyway. Most cases use only electricity. Very rarely the use of the weapon or lightning.

It's very illegal in the US to do this method as well as being illegal in this decade in most places and in the last century.
High Council Member: We hath to perform the elecution on this case. I'm sorry to have to have thy sentenced to this, but it shall be done. We must summon Master Thor to the area, have the receiver meet him immediately.

Tanor: Jeez, I have to perform the elecution on this villain? Just because I am able to perform lightning attacks? Well, I guess I'm doing Thor's job since he's not around in this era and time, not that he was real or not. Oh well, let's get this over with...sorry to do this to you. But, as my orders are, I have to.
by Tanor Faux December 03, 2010
The police code for a naked woman chasing cars or trucks in the street.

(note: This was also used in the George Lopez episode: George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie )
Police on radio: There's a 6 47 chasing a truck outside a bar. We need backup.

Police in car: I'm on it.
by Tanor Faux February 02, 2011
An emote for looking over the side of something. Such as one's shoulder. They can also be looking at something else directly that's next to the other person.
P1: .o.o There's some creepy guy staring at you.
P2: <<;
by Tanor Faux October 29, 2010
Slang for the area between the anus and the man-area.
Person: Damn, this bike seat is a pain in the spane. It feels like I'm sitting on just metal! Not comfy.
by Tanor Faux February 01, 2011
An emoticon used to look over one's shoulder, the two dots represent hands. .o.o o.o.
.o.o There's that guy again.

P2: I see him. o.o
by Tanor Faux October 27, 2010

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