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A message board created by word MPMike \word when he was bored, it has now grown in to the literal Mecca for all 4 of the world's Tanooki worshipers. It is also a gathering place many of those that wish to associate with the strange Tanooki cult-like members.

As see Tanooki and MPMike
The Tanooki Board: we won't bite you much.
by Tanooki January 29, 2003
None as "Jack" to his fellow Tanooki Board Memebers, he is able to post faster then most normal human beings. He also shares the same IP adress as The Nuke
Wow, look at how much jack has posted in the last ten seconds!
by Tanooki January 29, 2003
It is believed by some to he is actually canopener in disgues sonicsnake10 is known as "Sonake" by those who are most dear to him. He is also a she.
sonicsnake10: I am a girl and it feels good!
by Tanooki January 29, 2003
Originally made popular by an EGM editor, the word "poop" was shaped and molded by MPMike until it reached the its current state: "Poop!”

It has many uses and is applicable in a variety of different situations. It’s meaning is elusive.
by Tanooki January 29, 2003
Known for his unbounding sense of humor, The Nuke is able to post in threads as fast as lightening. He also shares the same IP address as wordUISjackolope/word
The Nuke, you so silly!
by Tanooki January 29, 2003
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