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Very rare. Likely the person you'd want to hang around with, due to the fact that the age range who uses this term wouldn't be old enough to seriously go through enough to leave some unfortunate guy with a label saying how he might not want a ton of trauma in his life just yet, or better yet, has some odd thing called common sense... Or the ultimate hiss/boo factor of this age range, MORALS!

-Phrase often said when 'the last one' tells exactly why he's managed to stay clean while everyone else is happily abusing themselves till they get Erectile Dysfunction at 17-
by TanonX November 20, 2005
Alternatively, a saying that also reminds you not to expect last-minute change.
live by the sword, die by the sword:
If you live by the sword, don't evpect to die in peace.
by TanonX December 03, 2005
I went along to find a nice ironic definition to write, and THERE'S ALREADY SOMETHING THERE! WTFBBQ?
the world is quiet here. Not.
by TanonX December 03, 2005

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