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A good writer. He didn't to politicals or anything else for that matter, despite what has been said. Just a LOT of books.
All the Whos down in Whoville liked Dr. Seuss a lot.
But the Yvonne, who lived on mount Yvonne, did NOT...

Opinion AND example.
by Tanon X October 20, 2005
Oooookay... First, agrees with most definitons here.

Second, about the one with all the thumbs down... This is about the PHRASE soccer mom. Just because you have kids and are involved in soccer doesn't make you a soccer mom in this respect. If there was a definiton for 'John Doe,' would all the John Does of the world be entitled to try and gut the writers who said 'A generic everyman?' Hopefuly not. 'Soccer mom' is like that, just a little more confusing. And while I agree that there are some dumb people here, recognise a figure of speech when you see one!

Oh, I need an example of the word soccer mom?


Soccer mom.

The end.
by Tanon X November 02, 2005
You'll be publicly mocked for saying it, downright arrested if there are a decent number of people around.
'G O D'
'AAaaaaaaaa!!! Arrest him! Don't say that dirty word anymore or it's the guioltene for you!'
by Tanon X October 19, 2005
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