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A man with a voracious sexual appetite which knows no bounds. Often a Sexual Tyrannosaurus uses forceful and overt tactics to attract/trap a mate including but not limited to: chest thumping, bellowing, hip thrusting, and laser sex eyes.
"dude. once tanner got a couple drinks into him he morphed into a terrifying sexual tyrannosaurus! he was unstoppable!"
by Tanner Throb February 05, 2010
Noun: Large, hyper-aggressive, manimal, prone to chest thumping, fist pumping, back flipping, lifting drunk girls over-head, and generally being "AWESOME". A Jim Diehl is classified under the genus sexual tyrannosaurus and is rarely seen wearing a shirt.

Verb: To lift a girl over-head in one hand, while fist pumping with the other, in a daring display that forces security personnel to move in swiftly in an attempt to "settle down" the situation. However, it is impossible for a person who is "Jim Diehling" to settle down.
Noun: "that guy is completely out of hand! he's got no shirt on in the bar, and he literally just picked up my girlfriend and threw her over his shoulder. It's too bad there's nothing I can do about it. He's a total Jim Diehl."

Verb: Hot Babe: "i just got jim diehled on the dance floor and i think i need a shamwow to dry my panties."
by Tanner Throb August 03, 2010

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