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pros only game series.

the games in this series, unlike most of Electronic Arts' games, actually get supported and aren't full of bugs when they are released. The only major problem with the games in the series has been "bad" AI (probly the best there is in any RTS games but people always want more =)

trillions of mods exist for Rome Total war, billions for Medieval 2 total war, and I cba to find out how many for shogun and medieval but its probs in the hundreds of trillions.

so where was I..oh yes, the games own, and don't suck like EA's games. also, a new game named Empire Total War is coming out, most def will be the pros only game of the century.

EA fanboy: ea is awesome, their new game actually works for 10 minutes without an error!!!
Total War Pro: Total War games by The Creative Assembly/SEGA are not sold full of bugs, and if they do get a bug then it gets patched pretty quickly.
EA fanboy: ya bt EA's gmes have cool overpowered units so u dont actually need to think, you just throw units at the enemy and you win!! u kno their newest game tey made matches only take 5-8 minutes with rushers so u could finish before u got a error!! ea rox!!
Total War Pro: you're pathetic.
by TankerOwner December 27, 2007
Someone who worships a mystical man somewhere in the skys. Can also be described as someone capable of no thought of their own, usually easy to spot because they constantly ask for help from other people to solve their own problems, or they constantly try to tell you that there is a god.
Isonide dude: help i cant decide between apple or cherry pie
pro dude: quit being such an Isonide

pro dude: Dude this guy is a huge Isonide.
Isonide dude: REPENT OR BURN!
by TankerOwner December 27, 2007

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