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An acronym that means "Local Area Network" but is more often seen as "LAN Party" which is a gathering of geeks/computer gamers for the sole purpose of gaming and exchanging gigantic numbers of files.
So you think you can play in some shitty pub where you can ping rape everybody? Do it on LAN and then I might be impressed.
by Tank! June 27, 2004
A Farkism meaning Get Back to Work.
Hey, why are you posting boobies links at 2 on a wednesday? GBTW!
by Tank! December 23, 2004
Philip K. Dick was a writer of great talent without a post-secondary education (he enrolled in college but dropped out before attending a single class). Over the course of his life he experimented with most psychotropic drugs available and eventually gave himself pancreatic damage by doing so.

He wrote 29 novels and over a hundred short stories, many of which ("Blade Runner", "Total Recall", "Paycheck") were later adapted to movies after his death in the early 80s.

He, like many other artists, lived in poverty for most of his life and was recognized only by a small following, however after his death he has continued to gain notoriety and is, in certain circles, seen as a sort of messiah for the modern age in his unique vision of the changing world.
Philip K. Dick is possibly the greatest writer to come out of the second half of the 20th century.
by Tank! June 27, 2004
A counter-strike player who tends to go afk just before the game goes lo3 even on lan. More often than not of Hispanic descent, trends toward chubby, and may be seen going 0-12 each half.
Oh goddamnit, is Gabbo afk AGAIN? Screw it, lets just go live, he'd only die anyway.
by Tank! June 27, 2004
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