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To completely forget how marketing and consumption works.

As in forgetting that what made the original Star Wars great was that is appealed to everyone, of all ages. While the prequels are precision tailored to 12-year old boys with mental handicaps.
Damn it Steve! You completely George Lucas'd the inventory. Now we our revenues will go down the shitter!
by Tanaka December 17, 2004
An Italian-American fuckhead. A word made up of fucker and macaroni (a bastardised Italian pasta).
Frank Bonura is a fat fuckeroni.
by Tanaka December 17, 2004
A person who is of extreme (but very varied almost to the point of inability to use it) intelligence. These people will suck up bits of information like a sponge wherever they go. They also have a tendency to rapidly and haphazardly dispense this information when properly squeezed.
My friend here is a real sponge, just put him in a headlock and all sorts of inforamtion will come out.
by Tanaka December 17, 2004
Someone who puts spackle into their rectum, often in hopes of making a mold of it.
My friend here is a spacklefag.
by Tanaka December 17, 2004
A variation on the name for a blood-sucking parasitic arthropod, known as a chigger. Refers to a woman who gets under your skin or into your bed and sucks you dry in any applicable way.
That dumb chicker, she is sucking the life out of me!
by Tanaka December 17, 2004
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