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Subeta is a pet site, the best I've ever seen. It does 'seem' like a combo between Gaia Online and Neopets. But it's a hell of a lot better. They didn't steal half the damn pets from Neopets. It's a species, there are tons of animals out there. Petpets weren't a rip-off of Neopets either, at least Subeta didn't give it such a gay name and they look a hell of a lot cooler. The main map is just practicality. How else would we (the users) get to other parts of Subeta? By just boring old worded links?

Gaia Online is just full of gaylords bashing each other endlessly for no reason other than they don't have the balls to deal with people face to face. Otherwise they wouldn't be saying shit. Gold is way too hard to acquire, you have to scrape and scrounge for everything. Spend TONS of your real money on Donation Letters just to make a small profit.

Subeta is a wonderful community of open-minded people that are very kind. Even the admins are nice, I've talked to a few of them. You don't get banned for speaking your mind in the forums at all, hence why they have a 'Debate Forum' and a 'Bragging & Complaining' forum. Subeta points (sP) are moderately easy to get. By doing quests (Wizard Quests), the games, or restocking. And what I think about the Cash Shop is, they only allow those with a credit card/paypal to purchase things because they don't want prices to drop dramatically due to over half the people bought out the stuff. That's how Gaia is, and it's frustrating. No, buying a Gold Account from the Cash Shop doesn't get you sP, just some really nice perks. But if you don't want to use your irl money on that, then just go to the Trades and buy it with sP. They cost around 1 mil - 2.5 mil.

Subeta is aimed at the older crowd, 13+. It doesn't have gayishly smiley pets like Neopets, with babyish items. Yeah, there is really no point to ANY petsite out there. But it's fun, and keeps the boredom bugs away. It's entertainment, and who doesn't like to be entertained? I highly recommend Subeta to any of those out there with an open mind to try it. And please do so for more than 5 seconds.

So really, I don't know why people are getting so worked up because Subeta has similarities to Neopets/Gaia. It's an effing online game, get the hell over it and enjoy it while you still can; before the Iraqis come and take over the world. Jeezus people, seriously....
Subeta, full of the lovely people of the world.
by Tanaiste January 30, 2008

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