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A one piece bathing suit consisting of only the top piece and nothing on the bottom. Can also be wearing a bra and no panties. Can be used in any situation where a top is on and nothing is covering below the waist, bottomless.
"Hey check out that chick over there in the waves. She's bangin!"
"Yea and she's rockin a Hermsen One-Piece so we got a looksie at that bare ass!"

Hey did you see that Harold and Kumar movie with the bottomless party where every girl was rockin a Hermsen One-Piece?
by Tan Brobias September 25, 2010
A Dance Party that you have by yourself alone to boost morale or just have fun. Invented by Hermsen.
Wow did you see Hermsen at the party go into a separate room by himself to have a solo DP? Scrub.
by Tan Brobias September 25, 2010
When you blow out a fellow bro in fantasy sports. It only applies to a bro blowing out by a huge margin another bro in any fantasy sport OTHER THAN fantasy nascar cause that pussy shit is for rednecks
This week in fantasy football my team, BLUNTSMOKINGANUSDESTROYERS, with Chris Johnson, Drew Brees, and Andre Johnson had a Bro Out by 72 points over the Cockopotamuses, led by Kevin Kolb, Ryan Grant, and T.O. Sorry Bro you had to see that coming.
by Tan Brobias September 19, 2010
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