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where you and a partner have sex on the beach and sand gets into there vagina or ass hole and is rubbing aginst your dick like sand paper.
Holy fuck my nigga my bitch wanted to have sex on the beach so we did she gave me crabs and the worse fucking rash i every had!
by Tammer the hammer March 26, 2008
tellitube: when you stick a garden hose up your ass and someone
sucks all the shit and other objects out before having anal sex. some people like to blow into the hose witch is only for pleasure :)
i tellitubed my girlfriends ass hole last night before some ruff sex. hannah was screaming like a seal gull that just been run over.
by Tammer the hammer March 26, 2008
when they lick your ass hole after taking out your tampon!
hey Tanner i heard you gave Hannah a Rumuski
by Tammer the hammer March 26, 2008

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