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another word for Sex, but with much more enthusiasm and feel to it
BOB-yo i was slamming that babes wazoo like ten mins ago

ROB- Yo lemme hit it next
by TamilSoul October 09, 2006
The edited more refined version of Bumbaclat, mostly used as a synonym for bumbaclat, is a term used in surprise or marvel of something
Holy bumbaskunt that blonde has hugee honking bobs
by TamilSoul October 09, 2006
The correct definition of a candy cane is, when a female is eaten out whilst she is on her period and she preforms oral sex to the male, they both keep eachothers fluids in their mouths , then make out...hence creating a candy cane
gurl-yo bob lets make a candy cane

bob-ay yo u dirty freak
by TamilSoul October 09, 2006
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