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these gangs are mainly in london from the 20's after seeing the toronto tamils battling each other, trust me if u want beef they ill give u beef. they sed to be like a killer they kill anyone if u cross their line or tinking u are hard. ill give u names of some bi tamil gangs in london

DMX used to be known as Wembley Boyz but changed to DMX has about more than 20 members strong

Alperton Tamils

Ilford Boys

Harrow Tamils

Luton Tamil aka 4 boy crew

East Ham Gang has about 30 members

Ari Ala Gang

Tamil Tigers

Jaffna Boys

T-side aka Tamil Side

Croydon Tamils . a normal street gang

Tamil Snake Gang

Milton Keynes Tamils a local street gang about 8 members

Coventry has some tamil gang but unknown

by Tamil boy February 10, 2009
2k9 is very simple

The Letter K stands for Thousand. basically when u say it to people like. look below.


the 2 is simple its first that means its the year 2000
and the 9 tells us its 2009.
" I got 8k 2day ini" this K stand for 1000

"What's the year? 2K9!!!" this would be in a text or somethin
by Tamil boy June 24, 2009
is a Tamil word
meaning a monkey, oftenly used in tamil language.
"Hey look i see a Korangu"
by Tamil boy May 16, 2009

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