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3 definitions by Tameron Cantrell

An ethnicity, not a race, just like German, French, and Irish, except it refers to all Spanish speaking countries instead of just one country. The term "Hispanic" refers to someone from ANY Spanish-speaking countries, including those not in Latin America (Spain and Ecuatorial Guinea). Not to be confused with Latino which refers strictly to those with origins in Latin America.
I have Spanish ancestry, making me Hispanic.
by Tameron Cantrell October 20, 2005
148 63
Someone born in Tampa, Florida, the hottest city in Florida, 3 million times better than stupid Miami.
People from Miami are OK, but Tampanians are awesome.
by Tameron Cantrell October 20, 2005
54 12
1. An expression used when you are frustrated.
2. A TV show starring Raven-Symoné, Orlando Brown, Anneliese van der Pol, and T'keyah Crystal Key'mah.
1. I just dropped my papers all over the floor! This is so raven!
2. Did you watch "That's So Raven" last night?
by Tameron Cantrell July 15, 2005
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