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Noun. Da Cheat is Strong Bad's companion of homestarrunner.com. He is a little yellow creature, with brown spots and a tail at odd angles. He enjoys making videos and hype songs, while frequenting the land of Strongbadia with Tire. For more information, see: www.homestarrunner.com
Everybody to the limit, Da Cheat is to the limit.
by Tamar February 14, 2005
In Hebrew - the past is unchangable, don't look back.

(Extended form of that phrase: What was was - was was.)
A: Once you were so hot - now you look like a cow.
B: leave me in your mother, What was was.
by Tamar March 16, 2005
he's got it all looks, body, smile, charm, cuteness, looking like a baby L.L.cool J, Fine, fine , fine and more fine, sexy raspy voice ,whats not to love.
Boy you sre almost as cute as raz-b
by Tamar January 14, 2004

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