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Used throughout New Zealand and a large part of Australia as an all round term for a (tobacco) cigarette.

Despite my most concerted efforts, I have yet to find an acceptable etymology for this word. I can only surmise that it has been lost in the Mists Of Time.
E ta, bro, giz a durrie.
by Tama Boyle February 03, 2007
1. The fleshy part of a woman's torso between the navel and the pudenda, over the pubic bone; the mons veneris.
2. Female genitalia generally.
Man 1: Sofie's hot.
Man 1a: Yes. Her mound is lovely... nice and soft.
Man 2: I agree. I'd fuck her mound.
by Tama Boyle January 24, 2007
1. The elastic band of tissue connecting the foreskin of the penis to the underside of the glans; the fraenulum praeputii penis.

2. The string of a banjo, often plucked or strummed in order to produce twangy music as most regularly associated with the Hillbilly or Billy Connolly.
Not quite so hard, Sarah; you'll snap my banjostring!
by Tama Boyle January 24, 2007
Describing one who is sexually frustrated. Not having had sex for an extended period, the fuckstrated individual might also be reckoned to be wank-happy. When this is not the case, the individual will likely resort to unwarranted bouts of evalgia.
Robin just punched me in the face for absolutely nothing! He needs a girlfriend asap; he's way too fuckstrated.
by Tama Boyle February 16, 2007
The triangular gap between a woman's upper thighs, immediately beneath the vulva.

From the evocative shape of said void and the habit of some who like to slide the eponymous chocolate treat through it.
Woman: Do these jeans make me look fat?
Man: No, but they do accentuate your Toblerone tunnel.
by Tama Boyle January 31, 2007
Describing an individual who has latterly overindulged in wanking (usually upwards of five acts of masturbation in any one day) and is experiencing its concomitant and extended euphoria.

Often the wank-happy individual finds himself in such a situation when he, upon some windfall, comes into possession of a large quantity of high quality (usually European) pornography.
Ever since Alan got that box set of Danish Bean-Flicking Hole-Pluggers Dildofest Vols. I-IX, he's been so wank-happy.
by Tama Boyle February 16, 2007
Superficially plausible, but ultimately fictitious stories, as most usually told by loudmouth "friends", drunks and bus drivers.
Yeah, Mike's great entertainment; he's always full of copromythia. It's just a pity he's such a cock.
by Tama Boyle November 19, 2005
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