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To engage in the taking of illegal substances in the lavatories of public bars, clubs, town halls etc.

Often said in response to nosey friends or well-wishers who don't necessarily know that you do blow on occasion.
Man: Where are you off to, another man?
Another man: One must retire momentarily to gather one's thoughts.
by Tama Boyle January 31, 2007
>n. 1a. the study of loose change, car keys and television remotes. b. the collected ephemera and shiznit of such study. 2. a small mess of random objects; a miscellany. >Also, cryptolectrologist n., cryptolectrologer n., cryptolectrological adj.
(from Greek kruptos ‘hidden’ + lektron ‘couch’)
Your honour, I should now like to call upon my expert witness, world-renowned crytpolectrologist and trampoline instructor Dr. Finbarr Beauchamp-Stoat, who will testify that the empty chip packet was not that of my client...
by Tama Boyle February 11, 2005

This refers to the close resemblance of the tampon with a mouse, especially when it has (at least putatively) crawled up a woman's vagina. See also: jam rag.
Looks like Aunt Flo's come to visit. Best pop down the shops, Mike, and get your mum some cunt mice.
by Tama Boyle January 31, 2007
To the right and up a bit.
Cross the street to Aotea Square and uberdexterwise to the casino.
by Tama Boyle November 19, 2005
An effeminate (often homosexual) man.

From the habit of certain women riding a horse not by straddling it, but by riding side-on with legs to one side, in order not to break the bottle neck. Hence, to ride side-saddle, i.e. to be effeminate.
Man: Craig hasn't ever had a girlfriend. I reckon he must be a side-saddler.
Another man: Haven't you heard? He's been riding side-saddle since he was seventeen.
by Tama Boyle January 30, 2007
1. To be an effeminate (often homosexual) man; hence, side-saddler.
2 a. To engage in effeminate equitation.
2 b. To engage in effeminate sex.
Jeremy isn't really into girls, women, ladies, whatever; he likes to ride side-saddle, if you know what I mean. Eye-ee, he is a gay.
by Tama Boyle January 17, 2007
The largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, once used rather frequently by housewives and grandmothers as a mild expletive being roughly equivalent to gosh or darn.

While definitely not averse to using such words as fuck and cunt, modern New Zealanders take great delight in reliving the stultifying drudgery of the 1950s and will often be heard to utter (at least ironically) the phrase "Oh, Christchurch!", especially when tripping up, falling over, climaxing, etc.
Sarah: I enjoy wanking you.
Mike: Oh, Christchurch! You've snapped my banjostring!
by Tama Boyle January 26, 2007
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