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Processor used in older PC's. First x86-CPU with 32bit
Existed at frequencies up to 40 MhZ
There are 2 Versions, 386SX and 386DX
The SX came from the word Sixteen, because this CPU had a narrower Data bus to reduce costs. It was developed as a 286 killer but is a slow piece of junk...
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
NE/SE 555
Timer IC developed by Bob Widlar
Ne 555 is cheap but versatile
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
Damage occurring to Mosfet and CMOS chips and other electronical items when they are touched by a statically charged person.
Fuck...The ESD ripped up my 4094..fuck static electricity
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
Comes from Intel...
Means reduced form of the CPU, originated from the 386 SX with its SiXteen bit databus.
Intel had the following SX-Types:
386SX: 386 with reduced Databus width
486SX: FULL DX with deactivated Coprocessor!
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
Short for Compact Edition
Windows CE is a small Windows used on PDA's
Recent Versions are called Pocket PC because the first versions were crap....
Windows CE sucks-get an Palm OS powered device
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
Amd usually took Intels designs and upgraded them so that they ran faster( eg 386@40, 486@40, 486DX2@80,....)
First 100% own development was the K5 which was a pentium killer, but not too successful.
AM is their short they write onto chips...
The AM386 runs at 40 MhZ
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003

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