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A fake German Loan word (since it was made my an English-speaking American) meaning the same thing as a residual ghost, or a ghost that is only a repeating of the past. It comes from the German words Restlich (residual) and Geist (ghost).
There's a restligeist in my house of a woman crying, and it scares the crap out of me.
by Talmidel July 03, 2008
A spirit that one gains at puberty, in Judaism, that tells you to do good and to be loyal to G-d (it's the good inclination). Because of its later birth than the Yetzer HaRa (evil inclination), the Yetzer HaRa is stronger.
My Yetzer HaTov helped me to give money to charity.
by Talmidel July 03, 2008
The Yezer Ha-Ra, in Judaism, is the evil spirit that everyone's born with that tells them to sin. Also spelled Yezer Ha-Ra. It is translated as, "evil inclination."
I didn't want to steal it, but my Yetzer Hara made me do it.
by Talmidel July 03, 2008

A fake German loan word (cuz it was coined by an English-speaking American) that means a Shadow Person. It's a combo. of the German words Schatten (shadow) and Wesen (being). It was created to fit the pattern of names for spirits being German loan words.
I nearly shit my pants when I thought I saw a schattenwesen out the window, but it was just my brother.
by Talmidel July 10, 2008
The demon which are the children of the former human and Adam's first wife Lilith. They look like people but have demon wings. One thousand of the lilin die each day (the fact that they're not ecxtinct shows how much of a whore Lilith is).
Adam banged Lilith, after he and Eve were on a break from each other, and Lilith gave birth to many lilin.
by Talmidel July 03, 2008

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