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2 definitions by TalkyTiki

A popular video series on YouTube created by Maffew that highlights humorous, embarrasing, and sometimes painful botches in professional wrestling. Each installment compiles clips of in-ring wrestling botches, promo bloopers, commentary slip-ups, and more from a wide variety of pro wrestling organizations.

Most of the in-ring clips are muted and played with a music soundtrack, usually music from classic video games or by rock bands covering classic video game songs.

Since Botchamania 18, each video begins with a humorous sound bite of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
Bigger than Show, Greater than Khali and Boogier than Man, it's Botchamania 24: Superbotch Saturday!?
by TalkyTiki May 23, 2008
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Hell on earth.
When you die, you either go to heaven or Disneyworld.
by TalkyTiki August 21, 2008
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