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You load up 5 bullets in a revolver. You pass the gun around until the last person stands. Try to have six people, it'll be funner that way.
Hey, can I go last in Ultimate Russian Roulette?
by Talking Orange March 07, 2011
To play this, you need to rent a plane and 6 parachutes and one that's string pulls off and doesn't unfold. All 6 have to be identical in order to play. Make sure no one knows which one is which. Find a bunch of dumb-ass Americans and load up the plane. Be at a hight where if you fall you cannot possibly survive the fall. Now, give out one parachute to each American. Then, all of you have to jump out at the same time. (Try counting to 3 then jump all at the same time.)
Hey, lets go sky diving, guys. Ever hear of American Roulette?
by Talking Orange March 07, 2011
There are six shot glasses each flit with whiskey. One of them has poison in it. The unlucky person will drink the one with poison and die as quick as the poison takes effect. Similar to the famous Russian Roulette.
You can only play Irish Roulette if you have the luck of the Irish.
by Talking Orange March 07, 2011

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