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At 21 Kevin Zegers is an actor on his way to stardom. He has starred in films such as "Air Bud", "Dawn of the Dead", and "Transamerica".
"Kevin Zegers is on his way to fame from 'Transamerica'!"
#transamerica #air bud #actor #kelly osbourne #dawn of the dead
by Talie June 23, 2006
The best off-broadway show there is. It is about a religious boy band group of five guys from a small town in Ohio. It makes fun of boy bands and religion without offending anyone.
"Who's your favorite altar boy?"
"Hmm... Luke. He's hott! I love Altar Boyz!"
#off-broadway #mathhew #luke #mark #juan #abraham
by Talie November 02, 2006
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