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A game of two players, a ball, preferably a round ball (e.g. football) and a road with to curbs on either side. One pler stands on one side of the road and the other stands on the other, the person with the ball throws it aiming to hit the curb on the other side for it to bounce back at them. If this occurs this player recieves a certain amount to points (e.g. 20) then this player moves into the center of the road and aims for the curb again, points are reieved for this again if the player hits the curb from this postition. If the player with the ball misses the curb and the ball goes to the other player, that player must throw the ball his/her oponent before he/she gets back to their side of the road. If the oponent is hit by the ball, the other player recieves all their points, but if that player decides he/she cannot hit his/her openent they then keeps the ball and they have to then throw the ball at the curb across the road. The winner is whoever gets to the target point mark.
Hey man, fancy a game of curby?
by Tales September 24, 2005

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