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The Lebanese equivalent of a bastard/punk/asshole/etc.
Person A: Khaled's insane.
Person B: Why? What did he do?
Person A: He broke AUB's window. Manyak, eh?
by Tako_400 June 24, 2011
Lebanese word for idiot. Literally means donkey in Arabic.
Person A: What is the value of Pi?

Person B: Pizza.
Person A: Hmar.
by Tako_400 June 24, 2011
Literally means "your mother's pussy" in Arabic. A very serious insult. Don't use it on anyone unless you're fairly certain you can take him because people can get mad when you insult their mothers.
Person A: Fuck you.
Person B: Kis emak.
by Tako_400 June 01, 2012
Literally means "my dick in you" but is taken as an insult in Lebanon to mean somewhere along the lines of the common "fuck you."
Person A: Hey, man. Where were you?
Person B: With your sister.
Person A: Airi feek.
by Tako_400 June 24, 2011

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