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An adjective referring to a person who is seeking favor by going out of the way to please the object of their desire.

An adjective referring to someone who licks the penis of someone he or she wishes to please.

See also brown noser, apple polisher, cock sucker, arse licker, or dick licker.
1. That guy wants a promotion so bad he's a real peanut licker.

2. Dwight really wants to be the manager of the Scranton office. Hes a real peanut licker.

3. How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a peanut? Ask Holly, she's a real peanut licker.
by tako November 23, 2013
To be stoned/intoxicated to the point where you walk into everything or everything you touch falls over on you, esp. rakes
That guy was SOOO raked last night.
by Tako May 31, 2005
To be on drugs/enjoying drugs.
I'm dancin', bitch. Dance with me!
by Tako May 31, 2005
Someone who acts and or dresses as something for one month or week, then changes styles.....much like a prep
Damn, people who are posuers thay I'm a posuer....time to kill
by Tako February 28, 2003

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