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actually spelled as 1 word (drunkslut), a girl that is usually attractive and preppy and really stuck up during the week. but once friday night comes, she's totally drunk and will have sex w/ anybody before passing out and puking/pissing on herself
the drunkslut (drunk slut) ignored me all week but on friday she fucked me since she had done 5 shots
by Takinabreakistan December 07, 2005
slutty seconds is the name for either a girl who sleeps w/ a whole bunch of her ex-bfs friends, or a guy who sleeps w/ all his friends ex-gfs
Male form: Man, Craig is going for slutty seconds. He's sleeping w/ the same girl that fucked his friends Eric and Justin.
Female form: Oh my god, Brita is for sure taking slutty seconds. She fucked Chelsea's ex, Melissa's ex, and Kerri's ex.
by Takinabreakistan December 07, 2005
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